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How do I change my International money transfer (IMT) daily limit?

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Last updated 28 November 2016

For your security, when you register for NetBank and the CommBank app, your IMT limit is set to $0.To increase this limit:

  • Log on to NetBank, go to the More tab and select Security then Payment limits or follow the onscreen prompts in the IMT form.
  • Log onto the CommBank app, go to the top left menu and select Settings. Select Payment limits and International Money Transfer, then set your limit amount.

You can update your daily IMT limit to $5,000 in NetBank and the CommBank app. If you would like to send  an IMT for a higher amount:

  • Call 13 2221 at any time or +61 2 9999 3283 if you are overseas.
  • Visit a branch.


  • You are assigned a maximum daily limit but you can request to increase it. If you do, your liability for unauthorised transactions may also increase. 

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