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Do I need to read my NetBank inbox messages?

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Last updated 12 February 2015

Bank messages are important news and information messages from the Bank concerning NetBank or your accounts.

Sorting your bank messages

Your bank messages can be sorted by status, category or date received for easy reference. Simply click on the relevant column heading to sort. If you click on the heading again, the messages will be sorted the other way.

For example, click once on Status to show all the unread messages, followed by the read messages. Click on Status again, and all the read messages will be shown first.

Deleting your bank messages

To delete your bank messages, simply select the ones you wish to delete by ticking the boxes next to them and then click Delete. To delete all messages at once, tick the box at the top of the bank messages table and then click Delete.

Retrieving deleted bank messages

If you would like to recover a bank message which you have accidentally deleted, please contact us.

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