What is a BSB number and where do I find the BSB number of a CommBank branch?

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Last updated 17 June 2016

A BSB (Bank-State-Branch) is a six digit number that identifies banks and branches in Australia. Your account number is unique to you and it’s how your account is identified. To make a funds transfer, you’ll need both your recipient’s BSB and account number. Similarly, to receive a transfer, the payer will need your BSB and account number.

Note that you can use the CommBank app to make and receive payments using a mobile number. Find out more about making payments and receiving payments through the app.

If you’re a CommBank customer, there are a few ways to find your BSB and account number.

  • CommBank will have notified you of both your BSB and account number after you opened your account
  • Log on to NetBank and see your BSB and account number on the ‘My home’ page
  • Use our locator tool. You can see a BSB by selecting a branch in the branch search results
  • Visit any CommBank branch.

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