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Importing files and transfer groups

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Last updated 18 April 2019

What are transfer groups?

Transfer groups allow you to group a number of accounts that you regularly make payments into. You can then transfer funds to all the accounts simultaneously, rather than individually. For example: If you run a business you can set up a transfer group which includes each of your staff members' payroll accounts and their regular wage payments. You can then use Scheduled transfers to have your staff payroll paid automatically each pay period. The payment will be taken from your account in one transaction amount.

What are the maximum number of transfer groups I can have?

Maximum number of transfer groups: 100

Maximum number of accounts within a transfer group: 80

What can I use Import files for?

There are two functions available within Import files:

Payment file - NetBank allows you to import information from a file, when using the Transfer groups so you don't have to type in all the details. This is useful for business using an accounting software package such as MYOB or Quicken.

Account address book - You can move your Account address book to another NetBank Client number by firstly exporting it (available from the bottom of the Account address book page). The file can then be imported using Import files. This is useful for organisations or individuals who share responsibility for account payments, or take over account management from someone else using their own NetBank Client number.

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