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What is an Early Repayment Adjustment and can I repay my fixed-rate loan early?

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Last updated 31 August 2017

When you take out a fixed rate loan, we lock in our funding costs at a fixed rate as well. If you end your fixed rate period early, we may make a loss as a result of the broken fixed rate agreement.

Doing any of the following would be considered ending your fixed rate period early:

If we make a loss, we pass this cost on to you to put us back in the position we would have been in if the agreement had not been broken. This cost is called an Early Repayment Adjustment.

To find out more about this, read our Early Repayment Adjustment fact sheet which includes a worked example.

How much does it cost?

Early Repayment Adjustment amounts can change from day to day. Contact us on 13 2224 between 8am and 8pm AEST, or visit any Commonwealth Bank branch, to find out how much this may cost and what your options are.

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