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How does capping for my credit card Awards points work?

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Last updated 09 March 2018

You can earn points on eligible transactions up to your points cap. The rate at which you earn points and the maximum number of points that you can earn in a year depends on your card type used and whether you have opted into Qantas Frequent Flyer Direct. However, there is no limit or cap on the number of bonus points you can earn.

Information on the current capping limits on your Awards points can be found under the Earning Points section of the Commonwealth Awards Program Terms and Conditions. Click here to find out how points capping works.

The points cap for all Awards members is reset on 1 January each year. All points allocated to your account between your January statement and your December statement will count towards the points cap for that year. Points are allocated to an account on a monthly basis and may include points earned from a previous month.

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