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How do I add/modify/delete an account in my NetBank Account address book?

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Last updated 13 February 2015

The Address book located under the Transfers & BPAY tab, allows you to retain a list of non-linked account details you want to regularly send funds to. It's a good idea to remove account details you no longer require from your address book.

To add an account:

  1. From the address book page, select + Add new from the right side of the page
  2. Enter a name
  3. Select Transfer, BPAY, Mobile or Email
  4. Follow the prompts.

Alternatively, any new accounts that are entered in the Transfers & BPAY page will be added to the Account address book if you tick the box Save to address book.

To modify  or delete an account:

  1. From the Address book page, select the account
  2. Choose either the Bin icon next to the account or the Edit button from the details section to the right
  3. After selecting Edit, you can update the details or Delete the account from here as well.

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