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How do I make a withdrawal from my Commonwealth or Colonial superannuation or investment policy?

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Last updated 28 April 2016

There may be some restrictions around when and how much you can withdraw from your policy, depending on the product you have.

Please call the below number for your relevant product between 8.30am - 6pm, Monday – Friday (Sydney/Melbourne time) to discuss your options for making withdrawals from your policy, or any other enquiry relating to these products.

  • Colonial (formerly Prudential) 13 1778
  • Colonial Select Personal Superannuation and Allocated Pension 1800 552 660
  • Colonial (formerly Legal & General) 1800 624 100
  • Colonial Life (C-life) 1800 631 600
  • SuperTrace 1300 788 750
  • Commonwealth Financial Services 13 2015
  • Superannuation Savings Account 13 2015
  • Endowment, Whole of Life or PruPac policies 1800 624 100
  • St Andrew's: 1800 007 293

If you are not sure of the product or company your policy is with, please refer to a recent statement or correspondence you have received.

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