How long does it take to process an International Money Transfer?

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Last updated 28 November 2016

You can complete an IMT in either NetBank, the CommBank app, or in a branch. Transfers made on a weekend, a public/bank holiday or after the currency cut-off time will be processed the following business day. It usually takes up to three business days to process an IMT, but may take longer depending on the recipient’s country and bank.

When you submit an IMT, the amount of the transfer and associated fees will be debited from your account immediately.  Your available balance and account transaction history will also be updated immediately in NetBank and the CommBank app.

To view the details of your IMT, log on to NetBank and go to View accounts > select the funding account used for the IMT  > select the  IMT in your transaction history. The IMT will either be 'SUBMITTED', 'SENT' or 'CANCELLED'

Important Note:

For IMTs sent via Pay to International Mobile within the CommBank app:

  • Your account will only be debited and funds sent when the recipient successfully collects their payment using the secure collection website
  • The recipient has 5 calendar days to collect their funds, and then it takes up to 3 business days for the funds to be received in their account. If the recipient chooses to save their details to your international address book, subsequent payments to the same recipient will be transferred directly into their account without the need for a Collection Code. The usual period of3 business days still applies for the funds to be processed.
  •  Pay to International Mobile transfers to Pingit1 users in the UK will be credited directly to the recipient’s account within 3 business days.

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