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What is an international transaction fee?

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Last updated 30 June 2017

We charge you an international transaction fee when you make a purchase or obtain a cash advance (whether in a foreign currency or Australian dollars):

  • While overseas; or
  • In Australia (for example online) where there is an overseas connection, as the merchant, or the financial institution or entity processing the transaction, is located overseas.

The international transaction fee for these transactions is:

  • Transactions converted by MasterCard® or Visa - 3.00%
  • Transactions converted by American Express® - 3.50% 
  • Transactions in Australian dollars but with an overseas connection - 3.00%

If you’re a CommBank Platinum or Diamond Awards customer, you’ll pay zero international transaction fees on purchases made in-store and online when using your Platinum or Diamond Awards American Express card. For cash advances, the cash advance fee will apply.

In some cases, overseas merchants may allow you to pay in Australian dollars, e.g. when you’re shopping online or over the phone. This is still considered an international transaction because your transaction is processed overseas.

Note: Even though a merchant has a website address ending in ‘’ and displays prices in Australian dollars, they may still be located overseas or otherwise choose to process their credit card payments outside of Australia.  It’s best to check with the merchant before you pay if you are unsure.

See our fees and charges for credit cards for more info.


MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. American Express® is a registered trademark of American Express.

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