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Why am I having difficulties logging into NetBank? (System Unavailable)

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Last updated 13 February 2015

There are occasions when we plan for NetBank to be unavailable, primarily to improve the services we provide you online in the long term, or for our scheduled upgrade activities.  

All planned times when NetBank will be unavailable are generally announced 1 or 2 days beforehand through our NetBank Status Update page. You can also check for updates on the progress of any upgrades.

NetBank is a 24/7 service and to ensure maximum availability, there are regular windows for outages. Generally (as a guideline) scheduled outages could be performed during the following times:
•     Friday night from 10pm to a Saturday morning 10am (Sydney time)
•     Saturday night from 10pm until Sunday morning 6am (Sydney time)
•     Monday morning from 1am to 5am (Sydney time)

Please also note, that some NetBank features may also be unavailable as part of a minor upgrade, for example, the Online Statements / International Money Transfers may be withdrawn for small windows of time.

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