What are the rates and fees for my credit card?

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Last updated 02 February 2015

You can view the Standard fees and charges for credit card services for the latest information. The fees and charges, and the conditions of any special offers that may apply, are outlined in the Consumer Credit Contract schedule that is sent when a new credit card is approved.

What is a credit card annual fee?

Once a year you pay an annual credit card fee. The date it is charged each year depends on when you first activated your card.

What is a credit card cash advance fee?

A cash advance fee is payable on all cash advances. The fee amount is the higher of:

• $2.50 or

• 2.00% of the transaction amount, up to a maximum of $150.00 

(whichever is the greater)

If your closing balance on the previous business day was in credit, the fee is $2.50.

You will be charged a cash advance fee when you:

• Transfer or withdraw funds from your credit card account via NetBank, CommBank app, ATMs, phone banking, at a Commonwealth Bank branch or Australia Post, or at another bank in Australia or overseas.

•  Pay for cash equivalent items or cash substitutes such as foreign currency, travellers' cheques and online gambling using your credit card.

Cash advance interest will be charged at the cash advance rate from the date of the transaction. To minimise interest charges on your cash advance transactions, you'll need to pay the full balance outstanding on your credit card account as soon as possible after the cash advance. Interest is calculated daily and you'll be charged interest on your cash advance amount each day until the balance is repaid in full.

What is an overlimit charge?

A $10 overlimit fee is charged to credit cards opened before 1 July 2012 when we first allow you to exceed (or further exceed) your credit limit in a statement period.

You can avoid this fee by ensuring you do not exceed your credit limit. You can monitor your current balance via NetBank on your mobile phone, tablet device or computer, via the CommBank app, or by calling 13 2221.You can also opt-out of being able to spend more than your limit by calling us or visiting any Commonwealth Bank branch. 

View the Standard fees and charges for credit card services for more detail.

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