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How do I find out what it will cost to pay out my home loan?

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Last updated 11 April 2014

You can ask us for a 'payout figure' for a particular date at any stage by visiting a branch or calling 13 2224 between 8am and 8pm, 365 days. The cost to pay out a home loan can be influenced by a number of factors and includes the outstanding loan balance plus any interest accrued but not yet been charged to your loan. It may also include some fees and charges such as the Deferred Establishment Fee and Settlement Attendance Fee if applicable.

An Early Repayment Adjustment may apply if you are paying out a fixed rate term early and we make a loss as a result. Please refer to Early Repayment Adjustment for more details. If you are considering paying out your loan, please let us know and one of our lending specialists can contact you to discuss what’s involved and your options.

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