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How does my credit card PIN work?

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Last updated 24 February 2017

Using a PIN on your credit card is no different to the way you use a PIN on your Keycard or debit card for transactions. When you’re ready to pay for your goods, staff will ask you if you’d like to either enter your PIN or sign for your purchase.

If you want to use a PIN:

  1. Check the amount of the purchase is correct (as you would if you were signing).
  2. Press the ‘CREDIT’ key.
  3. Enter your PIN on the keypad. For your protection the numbers you enter for your PIN are not displayed on the screen and will appear as asterisks (****) instead.
  4. Press the ‘OK/ENTER’ key.
  5. The screen will show you if your transaction has been approved and you’ll be given a receipt.

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