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Can I make NetBank payments if two people sign for withdrawals on the account?

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Last updated 11 April 2014

If your account requires two people to sign to make withdrawals (something you would have set up with the Branch when you opened your account), you may still be able to make payments on NetBank provided two signatories have NetBank, and the account is linked to both signatories' NetBank facilities. When confirming Transfer or BPAY payments using NetBank, you will see a 'Second authorisation required' section.

To complete a transaction with dual authorisation, complete the details on the Transfer or BPAY pages as usual.

On the confirmation page, ask the second authoriser to:

  1. Enter their NetBank logon details in the 'Client number'field
  2. Enter their password into the 'Password' field

Note: The password will be masked with asterisks '*' when being entered.

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