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How do I change my NetBank password and what do I do if I forget it?

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Last updated 16 November 2016

To change your NetBank password, log on to NetBank and go to Settings.

If you have forgotten your NetBank password or need to unlock it, you can do this online if:

  • You have a Debit MasterCard, credit card or Keycard and know your card number and PIN
  • You’re registered for NetCode SMS or Token or you know the answers to your security questions.

To reset or unlock your password:

  1. Go to the NetBank log on page and select I’ve forgotten my log on details
  2. Enter your card number and PIN then check the I need to reset my NetBank password box
  3. Get and enter a NetCode or answer two of your security questions
  4. Your client number will be displayed and you'll be able to create a new password before continuing to NetBank.

Helpful Tip:
Use our Strength meter to assist you in choosing a new, secure password. You can also take a look at our tips for staying safe online.

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