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What is a School Banking Co-ordinator?

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Last updated 13 January 2016

The School Banking Co-ordinator's role
The School Banking Co-ordinator is a volunteer and helps to facilitate the program at the school. Their role includes collecting deposits from students, facilitating the Rewards Program and depositing the money at their nearest Commonwealth Bank branch.

Becoming a School Banking Coordinator
School Banking Co-ordinators need to register with the Bank. This provides access to the School Banking Portal and ensures you receive all relevant communications. To register simply complete the School Banking Co-ordinator registration form sent in the School Starter kit or you can download and print a form at under "Support materials".

Identification and your personal information
Co-ordinators are required to register their details to be established as unique users of the School Banking Portal. The Bank only collects this personal information to assign user identification, manage password changes and to contact users directly from time to time regarding School Banking; it will not be used for any other purpose.
School Banking records should be treated as confidential, any matters pertaining to account holders and their accounts may not be disclosed or discussed with anyone, except for the purposes of processing Youthsaver account deposits.

Police checks
A police check is not a requirement of the Bank for School Banking Co-ordinators.

Removing a School Banking Co-ordinator
To remove a School Banking Co-ordinator simply complete the School Banking Co-ordinator registration form (sections 1 and 4) available at under “Support materials”.

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