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What is a MAV (Mortgage Advantage)?

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Last updated 04 March 2019

Mortgage Advantage benefits described below are for packages set up on the Bank’s package platform. For benefits of packages that are not on the package platform, please contact your broker or call 13 22 24 8am to 8pm.

Simplify your banking and save money at the same time. With our Home Loan Wealth Package you’ll enjoy special discounts on eligible home loans and selected credit cards.

What benefits does MAV give?

When you take up a MAV you can enjoy significant discounts on your eligible home loans and selected credit cards. These benefits include:

  • Up to 0.7% p.a. off a Standard Variable Rate Home Loan and Viridian Line of Credit
  • Up to 0.15% p.a. off a Fixed Rate Home Loan
  • No annual fee on an eligible Commonwealth Bank credit card

Details on these and other discounts can be found by clicking here.

How much can you save?

Depending on the CommBank products you choose, your MAV could results in significant savings.

For example, let’s imagine you have a standard variable rate home loan in your own name for $400,000, with one Platinum Awards credit card. How much could you save in the first year?1

Total savings in the first year = $2,300 ($2,695 - $395 Fee)



 First year

 Home Loan

 Up to 0.6% p.a. discount



 No establishment fee



 No monthly account fee


 Credit card

 No annual fee



 Total MAV saving



 Minus the Annual Package Fee


What is the fee for MAV?

You can enjoy all the benefits of MAV for an annual fee of just $395. This will be debited to an eligible home loan account, or in some circumstances, may be redirected to a related transaction account for the home loan (for example, for interest-only loans).

Am I eligible for the MAV?

To be eligible for a MAV you must have an initial 'package lending balance' of at least $150,000.  ‘Package lending balance’ is the sum of the account balances of eligible home lending accounts and the credit limit of Viridian Line of Credit accounts that you have with us at the time you apply for a MAV and will participate in the package.

Customers with Low Documentation Loans are not eligible to apply for MAV.

How do I apply for a MAV?

If you would like to apply for a MAV you can do so at any time by completing an application through your broker. For more information on the MAV click here.


1 The establishment fee will no longer be applicable after the first year. As the balance of the loan decreases, the interest savings will also decrease. Fees and discounts are accurate at time of print.


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