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How much does NetBank cost?

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Last updated 15 April 2014

NetBank is free to register and the most popular transactions are completely free of NetBank service charges. There are no NetBank service charges for unlimited use of:

  • Account balance and transaction information
  • Transfers between your own linked accounts
  • BPAY payments
  • Third-party payments, except payments made using a transfer group 
  • NetBank's scheduling service to set transfers or BPAY payments to occur on a future date

NetBank offers the flexibility of 2 pricing options, a Standard Plan and a Business Plan. Most customers will be enrolled in the Standard Plan. For customers on the Standard Plan, if a service charge applies to a transaction you are about to make, you will be advised on-screen beforehand.

The Business Plan allows you to conduct unlimited third party payments (including third party payments within a transfer group), file imports for $8 per month1 - a great option for businesses.

For all NetBank customers standard withdrawal charges may also apply to third party payments, scheduled payments, transfers between linked accounts, BPAY payments and international money transfers. Some NetBank services may not be available on some accounts or to customers with 'enquiry only' NetBank access.

Normal transaction fees may apply to all transfers made by personal and business customers.

Service Standard Plan Business Plan

Third party payments within a transfer group

Third party payments are free except for each third party payment within a transfer group.

Note:  A transfer group is a pre-defined batch of payees, which enables more than one payment to be made with a single debit transaction to your account. A typical use would be for payroll. A transfer group can contain both third party and linked accounts. You will only be charged for the third party payments within a transfer group.

$0.50 for each third party payment within a transfer group made in excess of 3 per calendar month. Unlimited third party payments (including third party payments within a transfer group) and file imports for $8 per month.
File imports
Lets you import payments into NetBank from a file (such as MYOB).
$2.50 per import.  
International money transfers2
Allows you to send money electronically to an overseas bank account.
Up to $22 per transfer. Up to $22 per transfer.

1 The Business Plan applies only to the nominated NetBank Client Number and excludes international money transfers, stop cheques, traces, rejected transactions, recovery and dishonours.

2 Other International Money Transfers related charges may apply.

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