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What do I need to know about my NetBank Security Questions and Answers?

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Last updated 23 February 2015

When you first log on to NetBank, you will need to establish your security questions and answers. You will need to select two questions from a predefined list and enter your answers.

If you are not registered for our free NetCode or NetCode Token service, you'll be prompted with your security questions when performing certain "risky" activities within NetBank, such as adding a new biller to your address book, or updating your mailing address.

We take the security of NetBank very seriously, and offer all our NetBank customers a 100% security guarantee - provided you follow our guidelines. Check out our discount software page also, to see the latest security software offer we have available for our customers.

We want you to be secure online, all the time, not just while you're banking. Visit our Security Centre for more information on what you can do to stay secure online.

If you have any further questions about your security questions and answers, or NetCode, please contact us on 13 2221 option 4, at any time.

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