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How do I transfer money overseas?

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Last updated 28 November 2016

With an International Money Transfer (IMT) you can send money quickly and securely to more than 200 countries, using over 30 currencies. You can send an IMT:  

  • Online via NetBank or the CommBank app
  • ·In any of our branches


Things you should know

  • For security reasons your default International Transfer limit is $0.
  • You can update your daily limit to $5,000 in NetBank & the CommBank app. If you would like to send a higher payment amount, you can call us on 13 2221 or visit us at any branch and we will assist you with increasing your limit.


Here’s how to pay to an account number in three easy steps:

NetBank and CommBank app (using recipient’s account number)


Gather Information


Have the following information handy:

  • Recipient’s name, account name and home address
  • Recipient’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or bank account number
  • The SWIFT or BIC code of their bank. This code is unique to each bank around the world. Sometimes you can be asked for a BIC and sometimes a SWIFT – they are the same thing.  Don’t worry if you don’t have it, NetBank has a Find a SWIFT/BIC feature that can help you out.


Activate or Increase your daily IMT limit

If you have not already set up your daily IMT limit:

  • Log on to NetBank, go to More, then select Payment limits, and follow the onscreen prompts.
  • Log onto the CommBank app, go to the top left menu and select Settings, select Payment limits and International money transfer and follow the prompts.


Send your IMT


  • Select Transfers and BPAY, then International Money Transfer, and follow the onscreen prompts.

CommBank app:

  • Go to Pay Someone, then Overseas transfer (to pay someone in your international address book) or click “+” (to pay a new recipient), then follow the prompts to complete your transaction.


Follow this link to Pay to International Mobile in three easy steps.


Important things to know:

You can choose to send IMTs in a variety of currencies depending on the destination country. We recommend that you choose the local currency of the destination country when sending an IMT so that you can guarantee the exchange rate before submitting the payment.

You can choose to send an IMT in Australian Dollars (AUD) but we cannot guarantee any payment will be received in AUD. This is because your money passes through other banks on the way to the recipient and these banks may convert the funds along the way.

However, we have included an option if you are transferring via NetBank or in branch to provide an instruction to the receiving banks that your payment remain in AUD. Simply check the box that will appear on the transfer page after you select AUD and we’ll send an instruction with your payment. Please be aware that overseas bank deductions may be higher for AUD payments and funds sent in AUD that are converted may be done at less favourable exchange rates than the Commonwealth Bank can offer.

Should you find that your AUD payment is still converted to other currency, we suggest you ask your payment recipient to obtain details from their bank on what is needed for the money to be received in AUD (for example a specific intermediary bank for the money to be sent through which may require an in-branch payment or for business customers the use of our CommBiz service).

AUD is not available as a payment currency for payments sent from the CommBank app to an International Mobile number.

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