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Can I set up a transfer or regular transfers for future dates using NetBank?

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Last updated 23 February 2015

You can schedule a funds transfer to occur on a future specified date, or dates, rather than the Transfer now option, which provides an on-the-spot transfer.

For example: You might use it to transfer extra funds to your Commonwealth Bank home loan account each payday, or make a regular payment to someone's account at another financial institution.

To do this:

  1. Log on to NetBank
  2. Go to Transfers & BPAY
  3. Fill out the details as usual but before clicking on Next to confirm the details, under When, select Later or Set up regular payments
  4. Here you select the date you’d like the transfer to proceed or the date you’d like future regular payments to start.

To view your Future transactions:

  1. After logging on to NetBank, go to the View accounts tab
  2. Select Future transactions.

Note: Scheduled transfers do not replace any existing direct debit repayments that you may have established.

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