What do I need to know about NetCode Token?

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Last updated 23 February 2015

NetCode Token is a free service we offer to our customers who may not be suited to NetCode SMS or CommBank app NetCode Notifications. These customers may:

  • Live in an area with poor mobile phone reception, or
  • Not use a mobile phone.

A NetCode Token is a small electronic device approximately the size of a key ring. Only one is available per NetBank facility and cannot be used with any other Commonwealth Bank online banking platform (such as CommBiz). You'll need to use it when you log on to NetBank. It can also be used when verifying some Credit Card and Debit MasterCard purchases while shopping online.


How it works:

You will be prompted to enter a different 6 digit NetCode each time you log on to NetBank, or when verifying certain Credit Card and Debit MasterCard transactions online.

  • When the yellow button is pressed, a 6 digit NetCode will be displayed on the Token's screen.
  • This is this NetCode that you will need to enter into NetBank, just after you log on. Without the Token, you will be unable to log on to NetBank.
  • When shopping online, some merchants may also require that you enter a NetCode to verify a Credit Card or Debit MasterCard purchase.
  • The 6 digit NetCode will match our NetBank system and does not rely on or transmit any 'signals'.
  • The battery life of a NetCode Token is approximately 5 years.

Ordering a NetCode Token:

Ordering a NetCode Token can be done by phoning our NetBank Help Desk on 132221, option 4, at any time. No matter where you are in the world, we can post it to you.

Activating a NetCode Token:

To activate your NetCode Token, you will need to log on to NetBank, Hover over the 'More' tab and under the 'Security' heading, select 'NetCode Security'. You will be prompted to either answer two of your security questions or enter a NetCode SMS prior to the activation.

You can view an example of the NetCode Token.

NetCode Token Help

If you experience any issues with your NetCode Token, or if it has been lost or stolen, please contact the NetBank Help Desk on 13 2221, option 4, for assistance.

Helpful tips:

Ensure you keep your NetCode Token separate from your NetBank Client Number and Password.

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