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What is a credit card security code and where is it located?

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Last updated 05 February 2014

The card security code also known as Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2) and Card Validation Code 2 (CVC2) is a unique 3 or 4- digit number printed on your Commonwealth Bank credit card. The 4- digit Commonwealth Bank American Express® Card code is located on the front of the card, above the card number on the right hand side. With a MasterCard® or Visa card, the 3- digit number is located in the signature panel on the back of the card.

The 3 or 4 digit code uniquely identifies that a card number quoted to a merchant was obtained from a genuine credit card therefore providing merchants with an increased level of protection against fraud.

Not only should all non-face to face merchants ask customers to provide the 3 or 4 digit code, they are strongly encouraged to do so by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and their Financial institutions.  This additional security measure assists merchants reduce fraud loss to their businesses & also minimise the possibility that a card number dishonestly obtained from a customer cannot on its own be used to make a non-face to face transaction.

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