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What is my NetBank lab used for?

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Last updated 13 February 2015

What is My NetBank Lab?
My NetBank Lab is our testing area where some of our customers help us test and improve our newest NetBank ideas. It is available for a limited number of NetBank customers only.

Where did my tool go, and what should I expect when using My NetBank Lab tools?
Please note that these tools are trial features and based on your feedback may be upgraded, changed or removed at any time.

What is NetBank going to do with these experiments?
Based on your comments and feedback you get to decide which tools will be made available to everyone, and which tools need a little more work. So use each tool, get familiar with how it works, and tell us if you find it useful, and what you would improve to make it better for you.

Will I get a response to the feedback I post about each tool?
The ratings, feedback and comments you provide will not be responded to individually. If you have any questions or concerns not answered in this FAQ, you can contact us @NetBank via Twitter. You can find more information about following us on Twitter here. You can find more information about the Spending habits tool .

Who should I tell about my great idea for a new tool or to give feedback?
You can follow us on Twitter @NetBank and suggest any new features or improvements that you would like to see in NetBank or that we might trial in My NetBank Lab.

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