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How do I link my account to another person's NetBank or the other way around?

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Last updated 16 November 2016

If you’d like to give someone online access to your account(s), or someone would like to give you online access, you can do so in NetBank if:

  • The account(s) you wish to give someone access to is a personal transaction account in your name only or the account is a sole trader account in your name only
  • You're registered for NetCode
  • The person you're giving access to is registered for NetBank and NetCode.

To submit your request, log on to NetBank and go to Settings.

You’ll get a bank message in three business days letting you know the outcome of your request. If successful, you'll see a small icon on the Transactions page next to the account you’ve linked.

You can also establish an authority to operate by visiting your nearest branch with the account owner. You’ll need to provide identification and complete a form. Authority to operate allows you to have:

  • Maintenance, information and transactional access to the account in a branch
  • Transactional and information access to the account over the phone
  • Transactional and information access to the account in NetBank.

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