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What do I do if my card's lost or stolen?

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Last updated 23 August 2018

Lock your card temporarily

If you misplace a card, temporarily lock it in NetBank or the CommBank app so you’re protected from unauthorised transactions. If you find your card again, just remove the lock.

Cancel your card

If your card’s lost or stolen, cancel it and order a replacement in NetBank or the app. We’ll send you a new card within seven working days. Once you get your card, activate it and create a PIN online.

Get cash while waiting for a replacement card

You can use the app to make Cardless Cash withdrawals at CommBank ATMs, even when your card’s locked or cancelled.

When travelling overseas

If you’re overseas you can still cancel a lost or stolen card online. If your registered address is in Australia but you need a replacement card sent overseas, contact us on +61 2 9999 3283. There’s a $20.00 replacement fee for cards sent overseas.

If you need a replacement credit card urgently, contact Mastercard or Visa to organise this and an emergency cash advance if you need it. See overseas contact numbers for more details.

We’re unable to send replacement keycards overseas. You can still cancel it and the new card will be sent to your Australian address.

Important info about card security

  • If you can’t get online and need to cancel your card, call us immediately on 13 2221.
  • If you find your card after it’s cancelled, you should still destroy it and any additional cards.
  • To make sure you’re not liable for losses, keep your PIN and passwords private and call us immediately if there’s an issue.
  • If you cancel a credit card with an additional cardholder, we’ll cancel and replace their card too. They should destroy their card immediately. 

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