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What do I do if my card has been lost or stolen in Australia or overseas?

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Last updated 19 January 2016

Within Australia

If your card is lost or stolen, you can cancel it and order a replacement in NetBank, the CommBank app or by contacting us

You must tell us as soon as you become aware that your card is lost or stolen, you suspect that your PIN or password has become known to someone else, or there may be unauthorised use of your card.

Once you have reported your card lost or stolen:

  • We will send a new card to you within 7 working days. You will need to activate and create a PIN before you can use it,
  • If you are cancelling a credit card and have an additional cardholder, we will cancel and replace their card as well. You should ensure that your additional cardholder destroys their card immediately. 

Waiting on a replacement card and need to withdraw cash?

With Cardless Cash you can use the CommBank app on your mobile to make ATM cash withdrawals while you wait for your card to arrive

From Overseas

You can still report the card as lost or stolen in NetBank, the CommBank app, or by contacting us just like you would if you were in Australia.

If you have an Australian address on NetBank but need a card  sent to you while you’re overseas, please contact us so we can help arrange this.

A $20.00 replacement fee will apply to cards sent overseas.

Unfortunately we’re unable to issue you with a replacement key card while you are travelling overseas, however you can report it lost or stolen and the new card will be sent to your nominated postal address in Australia.

Need an emergency replacement card whilst you’re overseas?

If you need an emergency replacement credit card, call us on +61 2 9999 3283 and we will cancel it and put you in contact with MasterCard,  Visa or a local American Express Travel Services office to organise a replacement card for you. If you’re in need of money, MasterCard or Visa can also arrange an emergency cash advance for you but this will incur interest.

View more information to find out more about being issued an overseas emergency replacement card including contact numbers for MasterCard and Visa.

Reporting your card lost or stolen in the NetBank or the CommBank app

Report your card lost or stolen in NetBank now.

To locate the feature in the CommBank app, see How do I report my card as lost, stolen or damaged in NetBank or the CommBank app?

Other Important information about card security

  • If you’re unable to cancel your card via NetBank or the CommBank app please contact us immediately.
  • If you find your card again after reporting it lost or stolen, you should still destroy it along with any additional cards.
  • You could be liable for losses if you do not protect your PIN and passwords, or notify us immediately of an issue.

Temporary Lock

If you think you may have simply misplaced your credit card, you can apply a temporary lock while you look for it. Whilst the lock is applied, your card will be protected against unauthorised transactions. When you find your card again the lock can be removed. If it's been more than 24 hours and you're still unable to locate the card, you should report the card lost or stolen so we can cancel it and issue a replacement card.

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