At a glance

  • What you'll get

    • $0 monthly fee
    • No interest
    • No international transaction fees
    • Cashback benefits for eligible cardholders through CommBank Rewards1 in the CommBank app
  • Trade offs

    • Low credit limits up to $1,000
    • You need to repay over 4 fortnights
    • Late payment fees

How it works

StepPay is a digital only buy now, pay later product that can be added to your CommBank app or to the digital wallet on your smart phone, iPad or Android tablet. You can use StepPay to pay in-store, using tap and pay, or online anywhere MasterCard is accepted, up to your credit limit, without needing a physical card. We’ll automatically split your purchases of $100 or more into four equal, fortnightly repayments.

For purchases under $100, the full amount will come out of your linked CommBank account in one go. This means you can use StepPay for both everyday spending and bigger purchases.

There are no interest charges, no monthly or annual fees, and you’ll be able to access your repayment schedule anytime in the CommBank app. Late payment fees will apply, but we have limits in place so fees are capped. Fees and charges may apply to your linked CommBank account.

To use StepPay, you’ll need to be eligible and a current customer, or if you’re a new customer, simply open an eligible CommBank account. For a full list of eligible linked CommBank repayment accounts, refer to the FAQs section below.

Features & benefits

    • Accepted everywhere. Make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted, in-store and online.
    • Flexibility in payments. Splitting your bigger purchases into four repayments will give you greater flexibility to manage your expenses.
    • All your banking in one place. You can access StepPay alongside your existing accounts in the CommBank app so you can manage your finances more easily in one place.
    • Be confident with StepPay. This product is available to eligible CommBank customers subject to credit assessments and limits up to $1,000.

Rates & fees

Rate / fee
Monthly fee
You won’t pay any interest or account fees with StepPay. 
Purchase interest rate
0% p.a.
Interest charges and account fees may apply to your linked CommBank repayment account.
Credit limit
Up to $1,000
This product is available to eligible CommBank customers subject to credit assessments and limits up to $1,000.
Late payment fee
If you miss a repayment, a $10 late fee may apply, and you won't be able to spend with StepPay until you have enough available funds in your repayment account. If late fees are applied, they are capped at:
  • 1 late fee per instalment (there are 4 instalments per purchase)
  • 2 late fees per purchase
  • 1 late fee per day
  • 12 late fees per anniversary year
International transaction fee
You won’t pay any international transaction fees on purchases you make overseas or in Australia (for example online) where the merchant or financial institution or entity processing the transaction is located overseas.

Things you should know

The information on this website has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, you should, before acting on the information, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Please view our Financial Services Guide (PDF). Applications are subject to credit approval. Full Terms and Conditions will be included at point of application. Bank fees and charges may apply. 

Purchasing online with StepPay

With StepPay it’s easy to make purchases online. Here’s how it works.

How StepPay affects your credit score

Your StepPay application does involve initial checks with credit bureaus. 

Are you eligible for StepPay?

Find out how to check if you’re eligible for StepPay.

3 ways buy now, pay later can help you stay on top of your budget

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How buy now, pay later can help balance your expenses

Learn how buy now, pay later can help you balance everything from everyday to unexpected expenses.

Spend and split everywhere

Introducing StepPay, a new buy now, pay later you can use everywhere, for whatever you need.

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  • What is buy now, pay later?

    Buy now, pay later products offer you the ability to split up purchases into smaller repayments so you can pay them off over time. With StepPay, you'll be able to split purchases of $100 or more into four fortnightly repayments. Your smaller purchases will come out of your linked CommBank account in one go.

    Who is eligible for StepPay?

    StepPay is available to CommBank customers who meet our eligibility criteria and who satisfy credit assessments.

    Something went wrong in my application, how do I apply for StepPay?

    You can always come back and apply for StepPay via the ‘For You’ tab in your CommBank app.

    Why can't I activate my StepPay account?

    If you try to activate your StepPay and get an error or something has gone wrong after your application, you can always try again by navigating to the ‘Cards’ section in the CommBank app.

    It might take a bit of time to appear in the ‘Cards’ section so try again later on if you can’t see it straightaway.

    I pre-registered for StepPay, but why haven’t I been asked to activate my account?

    To make sure you have the best experience, we're limiting the number of customers taking up StepPay at the one time. If you’re still eligible for StepPay, we’ll be excited to offer you StepPay soon.

    I successfully activated StepPay in the CommBank app, but it isn’t showing within the StepPay repayments and transactions tabs. Instead it looks like a regular Credit Card. Is something wrong?

    It's likely you're accessing StepPay on an old version of the CommBank app. Once you've downloaded the latest version of the CommBank app, you'll be able to view the correct StepPay screens.

    Where can I use StepPay?

    You can split your purchases of $100 or more into four equal fortnightly repayments everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Whether it's paying for a weekend getaway, utility bills, yoga classes or those new shoes.

    Do I pay fees or interest?

    You don’t pay any account fees or interest. A late fee of $10 will apply if you miss a repayment, but there are caps in place to minimise the amount of additional fees charged. Fees and charges may apply to your linked CommBank repayment account.

    What happens if I miss one of my StepPay repayments?

    StepPay will automatically deduct the four repayments from your chosen linked transaction account.

    If there aren't enough funds in the account, the card will be temporarily blocked until the funds are available.

    I missed a StepPay repayment and now my card is blocked. What should I do?

    If this happens, please don't transfer funds into StepPay. It's faster and easier to make sure that the required funds are in your linked account.

    We’ll automatically check this account a few times a day and once cleared, your StepPay will be ready to use in 1-2 business days.

    Is there a list of eligible CommBank repayment accounts for StepPay?

    Initially, StepPay can only be linked to a CommBank transaction account. These eligible CommBank accounts include:

    Business Transaction Account, Cash Investment Account, Cash Management Call Account, Cheque Account Bearing Interest, Cheque Account Not Bearing Interest, Complete Access, Everyday Offset, Premium Business Cheque Account, Private Banking Account, Smart Access, Streamline Basic Account.

    Can you access CommBank Rewards with StepPay?

    Yes. StepPay is eligible under the CommBank Rewards program.

    What are the differences between StepPay and CommBank AdvancePay?

    They are both CommBank products.

    StepPay is the CommBank buy now pay later product.

    CommBank AdvancePay is where you apply to access money you expect to be paid, before your next pay day.

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Things you should know

  • Read the StepPay Terms and Conditions (PDF)

    * StepPay 5% (up to $50) cashback offer:

    This offer has been extended. Available to new StepPay customers applied for and approved between 01/04/2022 and 30/09/2022 (previous end date 30/06/2022). 5% cashback is calculated on total spend within the first 30 days from approval of StepPay, subject to a maximum cashback payment of $50 per customer. Cashback will be credited directly to your StepPay account as ‘STEPPAY5’. Cashback will be credited within 90 days, following the first 30 days spend from approval date. Cashback will clear against any outstanding instalments (including future due instalments on balances owing). Where there is no balance owing, the cashback will be paid from your StepPay account into your linked repayment account under 'StepPay refund’. Limit of one cashback payment per customer. Offer available to new StepPay accounts, you will not be eligible if you currently hold or have held a StepPay account. You will be ineligible for the cashback if your account is closed or in default at any time prior to the cashback being credited to your account. We reserve the right to close the offer prior to 30/09/2022.

    Customers can access CommBank Rewards through the latest version of the CommBank app. Rewards are available to eligible CBA credit or debit MasterCard, Business credit cards and StepPay customers, that are at least 18 years old, are not in hardship, and are not in default. Terms and conditions including minimum spend requirements apply to CommBank Rewards and can be viewed within the CommBank app.

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    Applications are subject to credit approval. Full Conditions of Use will be included at point of application. Bank fees and charges may apply. The advice on this website has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, before acting on the advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances.

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