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How do I make a payment to a mobile number using the CommBank app?

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Last updated 13 November 2015

You can use CommBank app to make payments to anyone who has an active mobile phone number and an Australian bank account (with a BSB and account number).

To make a payment to a mobile number:

  • Tap the Pay someone button
  • Select Pay to mobile
  • Select either Existing contact or New contact (iPhone users)
  • If the recipient is an existing contact, choose the recipient from your phone contacts list. If they're a new contact, enter the mobile number
  • Enter the amount, description and account you want to make the payment from

To pay a new contact, you can also select the + icon in the top right corner of the Pay someone screen.

After you've made the payment:

  • If the recipient is registered for the CommBank app, the payment will automatically be deposited into their default deposit account
  • If the recipient is not registered for the CommBank app, they'll receive an SMS notification from CommBank to let them know that you've sent them a payment. The SMS contains instructions on how they can collect the payment.
  • You'll be given a unique payment code after submitting your payment. You'll need to pass on this code to the recipient. You can also view the payment code in the ‘Uncollected by recipient’ section in the side menu of the app.
  • Your recipient will need the payment code, their mobile number and their Australian BSB and account number when collecting the payment. They have 14 calendar days to collect the payment.  If the payment isn’t collected during this time, it will be returned to the account you sent it from.

Note: The recipient doesn't need to be a CommBank customer to collect payments.

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