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How do I give someone full access to transact on my account?

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Last updated 13 June 2018

Personal accounts

To allow someone else to operate on your account visit a Commonwealth Bank branch together with the person(s) you want to give access to. All parties will need to provide identification documentation and a form must be completed.

If your account is a joint account, both (or all) owners of the account will need to authorise any change to signatories at any Commonwealth Bank branch.

Branch staff will arrange for the access required (NetBank, KeyCard, and/or telephone banking).

Business accounts

You’ll need to list them as an authorised signatory on your account authority (for branch, phone and NetBank access) or add them as an authoriser in CommBiz. Tell me more

Other products

Access to your CommSec accounts, loan accounts or Credit Cards cannot be given to another person.

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