How does the Rewards Program work for School Banking?

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Last updated 18 January 2016

Redeeming reward items
For each deposit made at school, regardless of the amount, the student will receive a silver Dollarmites token. Once they have collected 10 tokens they can swap them for the School Banking rewards on offer. There are rewards to appeal to kids of all primary school ages. Reward items have staggered release dates throughout the year and are only available once they are released.

Ordering reward items
The ordering of reward items is conducted through the School Banking Portal. For instructions please refer to the School Banking Portal user guide.

Combining tokens with other children.
This is referred to as token “pooling” and is not permitted. The program focuses on rewarding individual savings behaviour.

As each child reaches a certain number of deposits you can present them with a certificate of achievement.

Bronze – 10 deposits
Silver – 20 deposits
Gold – 30 deposits
Outstanding Achievement – 40 deposits or any other School Banking achievements you would like to recognise.

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