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How do I Pay to International Mobile?

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Last updated 28 November 2016

Pay to International Mobile is available in the CommBank app, and is a way to send International Money Transfers (IMTs) to recipients in over 200 countries using just a mobile number.

  • It’s available in the CommBank app 24/7
  • You only need your recipient’s mobile number
  • All CommBank app customers will be able to use this feature if they have the latest version of the app.

To pay to an international mobile, you will need to:


Gather Information


·         Have the recipient’s international mobile number handy (if not already stored in your mobile contacts).

·         Please ensure that the recipient’s mobile number is in the correct international format e.g. begins with “0011” or “+ country code”


Activate or Increase your daily IMT limit

  • Log onto the CommBank app
  • Go to the top left menu and select Settings
  • Select Payment limits and International money transfer
  • Select your limit amount.


Send your IMT



Mobile number is already in your contacts list

  • Select Pay someone then Overseas transfer
  • ·Select Mobile number, then From contacts
  • Select the contact and then follow the onscreen prompts

New mobile number

  • Select Pay someone then Overseas transfer
  • Select Mobile number, then New number and follow the prompts



  • Once you submit the payment, you will need to provide the secure Collection Code to your recipient (you can choose how to share this code).
  • When collecting the payment, your recipient can choose to add their banking details to your International address book. Once added to your address book, future payments to the same recipient will not require Collection Codes.

Extra information

  • You can also send and receive IMTs to and from Pingit* app users in the UK using a mobile number without needing a collection code because the payment will be credited directly to the recipient’s Pingit1 account.
  • CommBank customers are automatically opted in to this feature. You can turn it off at any time by going to Settings > App settings in the CommBank app, and slide the Accept overseas mobile payments toggle.
  • AUD is not available as a payment currency for payments sent from the CommBank app to an International Mobile number.
  • Changing your daily limit:  see How do I change my International Money Transfer daily limit?
  • IMT processing times: see How long does it take to process an IMT?
  • Terms & Conditions: see IMT T&Cs for NetBank and the CommBank app

1Pingit is Powered by Barclays.

Amending recipient details in the international address book

  • If you want to amend or delete a recipient’s account details, you’ll need to log on to NetBank:
    • Go Transfers & BPAY tab, then select International address book
    • Select the contact that you need to amend and follow the steps
    • Your changes will also be reflected in your CommBank app International address book

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