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Transaction disputes & fraud

Sometimes you may not immediately recognise a transaction.

Before disputing a transaction you don’t recognise, check to make sure it’s not:

  • a purchase made by an additional credit cardholder or with a debit card by someone authorised to operate on your account
  • from a business that trades under a different name from the one shown in your transaction listing. A quick Google search can often help identify the business
  • pending transaction (payment already deducted from your available balance but still being processed)
  • a transaction made in a foreign currency that has been converted to Australian dollars
  • a regular membership or subscription fee.

To see each transaction in more detail, log on to the CommBank app or NetBank > View accounts > Transaction history then click on the specific transaction.

If you still don’t recognise the transaction we can help you dispute a transaction or you can get help using the quick links below.

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