“Empowering women is essential to create positive change in our community.” 

Elle Steele, Award-Winning Sportswoman, Intuitive Coach, Speaker at Women in Focus International Women's Day, Melbourne

About Women in Focus

Women in Focus supports women at all stages of business by sharing real stories and practical expertise, and fostering trusted connections with likeminded women.


Diverse and inclusive workplace

Creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces

Diversity advocate Julie McKay explains why it’s so important for business leaders to be change agents, as well as some key strategies organisations can put in place.

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Woman working on branding for her business

Create an engaging brand

Creative branding expert Debbie O'Connor shares the 10 essential elements of creating an engaging brand, including insights on how to leave a lasting memory.

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Empowering women to thrive

We believe in celebrating and sharing the real stories of women in business, and the successes and challenges they face.

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Common reasons why we don't ask

Life coach and facilitator, Kemi Nekvapil, implores us to be bold and ask for what we want and need.

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Two business incubators creating social change

For the refugee and migrant women participating in these programs, the impact has been nothing short of profound.

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Business guidance

Building a thriving business takes more than just a great idea. Access the latest tools, practical guidance and business insights to guide you on your business journey.


Female influencer posing for camera

Working with influencers

Experts share the key benefits of influencer marketing, including the current best practice.

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Man and woman looking at laptop

5 numbers your small business needs to know

Understanding these five numbers can help you successfully grow your business.

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Join us at one of our events to hear real stories, gain practical expertise and build trusted connections with likeminded women. 


 Customer experience webinar

Customer experience webinar

Join us on Wednesday 16 May 2018 for some expert insights and practical tips on creating a premium customer experience.

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Women in Focus events

Upcoming events

We host events around the country, as well as online. Stay in touch with us so you can keep up to date about upcoming events in your area.

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How to get involved with Women in Focus

Grow your business

Access the latest tools, practical information and business insights.

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Be empowered

Be inspired by thought leaders driving social change and enhance your financial wellbeing.

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Build trusted connections

Learn from women business leaders and meet likeminded women at our events.

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