Women's financial wellbeing

  • Why a women's guide?

    For women, financial wellbeing can be more challenging to achieve than for men. As we strive towards a more equal and inclusive society, women can benefit enormously from engaging with their finances.

  • Who should read it?

    This guide is for women of all ages, life stages and backgrounds. It also contains useful information for their partners and families.

What's in the guide? 

  • We have created this guide to assist women at all life stages and through key life events. The guide contains information, resources and practical tips to help you build, secure, and enhance your financial wellbeing.
    • Understand the financial issues women face across their lifetime
    • Learn the three elements of financial wellbeing
    • Take five steps to secure and enhance your financial wellbeing
    • Discover how to have effective money conversations
    • Understand how to safeguard your financial wellbeing and get help if you’re having money trouble
    • Get some specific tips and information for navigating major life events
    • Learn what to consider when selecting financial products
    • Recognise the signs of financial abuse


Talking about money

Conversations about money can be difficult as money is an emotional topic for many people. Despite this, the ability to talk about money is an important foundational skill to support your financial wellbeing. 

We need to talk:

  • Talking about money with your partner
  • Talking about joint financial products
  • Getting help with debt
  • Recognising financial abuse
  • Talking about money with your children
  • Talking about money with friends and family
  • Talking about money with financial institutions
 Young couple talking dining table

Life events

  • Big milestones

    Big milestones come with specific financial considerations. Taking the right steps can set you up for success.

    • Moving in with your partner and getting married
    • Buying your first home
    • Having children or becoming a carer
    • Separation and divorce
    • Retirement
  • This guide will

    This guide will give you the tools to build, secure and maintain your financial wellbeing across your lifetime. 

    It provides specific tips and information to help you navigate important life events, as well as day-to-day money matters.

    Download the guide