Series 2018-1 Medallion Trust

Summary of Notes at Issue

Issue Date: 27th September 2018
Maturity Date: 21st October 2053
Issuance Volume: AUD 1,630,470,000
Monthly Distribution Date: 21st day of each calendar month commencing on 21 November 2018
Business Day Convention: Modified Following Business Day (Sydney)
Security Type: Class A1
Amount: AUD 1,500,000,000
Coupon Details: BBSW1M + 118bps
Rating (S&P/Fitch): AAA(sf)/AAAsf
ISIN: AU3FN0044517
Common Code: 187751535
Security Type: Class A2
Amount: AUD 61,960,000
Coupon Details: BBSW1M + 175bps
Rating (S&P/Fitch): AAA(sf)/AAAsf
ISIN: AU3FN0044525
Common Code: 187751560
Security Type: Class B
Amount: AUD 30,980,000
Coupon Details: BBSW1M + 200bps
Rating (S&P/Fitch): AA(sf)/NR
ISIN: AU3FN0044533
Common Code: 187751608
Security Type: Class C
Amount: AUD 17,940,000
Coupon Details: BBSW1M + 260bps
Rating (S&P/Fitch): A(sf)/NR
ISIN: AU3FN0044541
Common Code: 187751624
Security Type: Class D
Amount: AUD 6,530,000
Coupon Details: BBSW1M + 350bps
Rating (S&P/Fitch): BBB(sf)/NR
ISIN: AU3FN0044558
Common Code: 187751659
Security Type: Class E
Amount: AUD 6,530,000
Coupon Details: BBSW1M + 470bps
Rating (S&P/Fitch): BB(sf)/NR
ISIN: AU3FN0044566
Common Code: 187751675
Security Type: Class F
Amount: AUD 6,530,000
Coupon Details: BBSW1M + 685bps
Rating (S&P/Fitch): NR/NR
ISIN: AU3FN0044574
Common Code: 187751713


Information Memorandum

26 Sep 2018 


Term Sheet

27 Sep 2018 


Servicer Certificates

Oct 2018           


Investor Reports

Oct 2018           


CPR Analysis


Delinquency Analysis




Class B