Our commitment

We want our people to feel respected, safe and included at work and our Gender Equality Action Plan outlines our commitment through:

  • Challenging gender stereotypes to promote equality. For example, our Parental Leave Policy is inclusive of all genders and we encourage gender neutral parental care, men’s participation in caring, and recognise a broad definition of families.
  • Strengthening positive and equal relationships through our Next Chapter Program, supporting employees and customers affected by domestic and family violence and financial abuse.
  • Championing equal opportunities at work by educating our leaders about inclusive decision-making, pay equity analysis, and monitoring gender equality in leadership.
  • Listening to our people to understand their experiences through regular listen and learn sessions, and by analysing data from our Your Voice engagement survey.
  • Gender equality in governing bodies with the CommBank Board and other boards to achieve 40% female membership, 40% male membership, and 20% of any gender that holds the relevant skills and experience.

We can. Together.

Having achieved our 2020 goals, we now aspire for Executive Manager roles and above to reflect the Australian working population. We have set a goal of achieving 47%-50% gender equality in Executive Manager and above roles by 2025 – a goal that is gender inclusive to consider people who do not identify with a binary gender (male or female).

Image showing goals and actual percentage of gender equality in excecutive roles. Goals of 2020 have been met.

Key representation stats

Employees who accessed parental leave: female 1,433 / male 913
Women in workforce: 56%
Female Graduate hires: 48%
Women in Executive Manager and above roles: 41.2%
CEO Executive Committee: female 33% / male 67%

* These stats are representative of FY20.

Beyond the numbers

We've recently been recognised by both FlexCareers and WORK180 for our commitment to flexibility, diversity & inclusion.

Through FlexCareers, we’ve been awarded the FlexReady Certification, which recognises our commitment to, and our role as a leading employer in flexible workplace practices.

To receive the certification, companies must prove they’ve passed the FlexReady change management program or satisfy eight criteria (pertaining to the company’s flex work data, strategy and framework, leadership behaviours, training and more).

We've also been accredited by WORK180 as an “endorsed employer for women”. To receive this endorsement employers must prove their commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality.  

Employee-led diversity networks

Our six employee-led diversity networks play a vital role in creating an inclusive culture. They do this by:

  • Elevating the voices of our people to ensure their experience at work is heard
  • Promoting respect and inclusion on days of significance
  • Supporting the Group Inclusion and Diversity strategy and action plans, which includes partnering with community organisations and academic experts to inform our approach.

AdvantAge: Life-stage and age inclusion

ENABLE: Accessibility and inclusion

Mosaic: Cultural diversity and inclusion

Unity: LGBTI inclusion (sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression)

WeCan: Women can, men can, we can – changing the conversation about gender equality because it benefits everyone

Yana Budjari: Our network supporting our commitment to the Reconciliation Action Plan

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Awards & recognition

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180 Endorsed Employer for Women 2021
FlexReady Certified
Family Inclusive Workplace certified 2021/2022