Code of Conduct

This Code sets out expectations for how we act, solve problems and make decisions. Our Code of Conduct is the ultimate guide for how we do things at Commonwealth Bank. It describes the standards of conduct we expect. The Code connects our Purpose, Values Expectations (with a ‘Should We?’ test) and key Group Policies to help us to deliver the right outcomes for all our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Banking Code of Practice

The Banking Code of Practice (the Code) sets out the standards of practice and service in the Australian banking industry for individual and small business customers and their guarantors.

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Corporate Governance Statement

The Commonwealth Bank Group is committed to ensuring its policies and practices reflect the highest standard of corporate governance. The Board has adopted a comprehensive framework of Corporate Governance Guidelines, designed to properly balance performance and compliance.

Corporate Governance Statement

Our approach to tax

As one of the largest corporate taxpayers in Australia, we are committed to being a responsible corporate taxpayer and acting with the highest integrity in complying with all prevailing tax laws.

Tax transparency code (PDF)

UK Tax Strategy (PDF)

Group whistleblower policy

We are committed to embedding a ‘speak up’ culture. Our Group Whistleblower Policy and procedures prescribe that reports are treated appropriately and the employee raising the concern is protected.

More about our SpeakUP program

Political donations

Our Policy precludes the Group from making political donations. We may pay to attend events hosted by political parties with a business audience. We may be required to disclose such payments under relevant electoral laws. 

Anti-bribery and corruption

We are committed to embedding a zero appetite culture towards bribery, corruption and facilitation payments across all areas and levels of the business.

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Anti-money laundering/counter terrorism

Our Anti-money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing program sets out how the Group identifies, mitigates and manages money laundering and terrorism financing risk.

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Managing fraud

Our Fraud Policy defines the Group’s fraud control principles, mandatory requirements and accountabilities. It clearly articulates that the Group does not tolerate fraud and is committed to promoting and maintaining a sound ethical culture.

Group Fraud Policy

Economic and trade sanctions

Our Group-wide economics and trade sanctions policy acts as the basis for the development of appropriate internal procedures. We are committed to ensuring employees understand the importance of sanctions compliance.

Economic and Trade Sanctions Policy

Stakeholder engagement

Achieving our vision requires us to build trusted and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders, which supports our long term success and sustainability.

Stakeholder Engagement Approach (PDF)

Remuneration principles

Our remuneration principles have been designed to support a remuneration approach that aligns with our vision, values and strategy, is appropriate to changing market conditions, and seek to comply with regulatory requirements.

Remuneration Principles (PDF)

IB&M Customer Disclosures (including Global Markets)

Our IB&M business operates globally through a number of CBA offices.

In Global Markets, we engage in price quoting, order taking, transaction and execution, and other market making and risk management activities across the wholesale fixed income, currency and commodity (‘FICC’) markets.

Global Client Solutions (GCS) leads banking relationship management and the provision of transaction banking, risk management and capital solutions to our clients. The team’s purpose is to provide IB&M clients with solutions across the financing spectrum to support their strategic objectives.

The disclosures in this section convey the steps CBA will take in managing this process and providing positive customer outcomes.

FX Cost of Service Client  Disclosure (PDF)

FX Order Execution and Handling Client Disclosure (PDF)

Information Handling Disclosure

Global Markets Sales and Trading Practices (PDF)

Last Look Disclosure

LIBOR Disclosure

Conflicts of Interest (PDF)

Capital Markets Allocation Policy Summary (PDF)

Changes to USD discounting curve

Environmental and social

Environmental and Social Framework

Our Environmental & Social Framework provides a reference point for our people and stakeholders on the minimum environmental and social standards we seek to abide by, and the targets and commitments we are working towards.

Environmental & Social Framework (PDF)


We recognise that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians face significant social and financial disadvantage.  So while we aim to promote equality for all Australians, reconciliation is an important part or our investment in our community.

Reconciliation Action Plan (PDF)

Social impact of Indigenous community programs (PDF)

Financial inclusion

We are deepening our commitment to ensuring that as many people as possible, especially those at risk of financial exclusion, have access to affordable, appropriate financial resources and can make the most of them.

Financial Inclusion Action Plan (PDF)

Inclusion and diversity

Diversity is an integral part of our culture, values and the way we do business. It offers tangible benefits for our employees, customers and shareholders.

Our commitment

Group Inclusion and Diversity Policy (PDF)

Accessibility and Inclusion Plan (PDF)

Responsible procurement

We are determined to build sustainable practices into every aspect of our business and we recognise the importance of managing our supply chain.

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

Responsible investing

We see responsible investment as a matter of stewardship, defined as the careful and responsible execution of the investing-related duties entrusted to us by our customers and clients.

Responsible Investing Framework (PDF)

Workplace Health and Safety Policy

We have a Workplace Health and Safety Policy that outlines our ongoing commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of all of our people, contractors and customers.

Workplace Health and Safety Policy (PDF)