Environmental and social

We are committed to enabling our customers to access our products and services with dignity and ease, regardless of their background, abilities or circumstances.

2024-2026 Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy (PDF)

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is an integral part of our culture, values and the way we do business. It offers tangible benefits for our employees, customers and shareholders.

Group Inclusion and Diversity Policy (PDF)

We recognise that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians face significant social and financial disadvantage.  So while we aim to promote equality for all Australians, reconciliation is an important part or our investment in our community.

We are determined to build sustainable practices into every aspect of our business and we recognise the importance of managing our supply chain.

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

We have a workplace health and safety policy that outlines our ongoing commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of all of our people, contractors and customers.

Workplace health and safety policy (PDF)


We are committed to embedding a zero appetite culture towards bribery, corruption and facilitation payments across all areas and levels of the business.

More about anti-bribery and corruption

Our Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing program sets out how the Group identifies, mitigates and manages money laundering and terrorism financing risk.

More about anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing

We are committed to embedding a zero appetite culture towards the facilitation of tax evasion. Our Anti-Tax Evasion Facilitation Policy prohibits the facilitation of tax evasion and applies to all employees, directors and contractors of the bank. The principles outlined in our Policy also apply to third parties acting or performing services for or on behalf of the Group.

More about anti-tax evasion facilitation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing rapidly. Appropriate use of AI will help us to achieve our purpose of building a brighter future for all. 

We have developed a principles based approach to the governance and compliance of artificial intelligence in the design, development, deployment and use of AI systems by the Bank.

Our approach to AI

The Banking Code of Practice (the Code) sets out the standards of practice and service in the Australian banking industry for individual and small business customers and their guarantors.

Banking Code of Practice

This Code sets out expectations for how we act, solve problems and make decisions. Our Code of Conduct is the ultimate guide for how we do things at Commonwealth Bank. It describes the standards of conduct we expect. The Code connects our Purpose, Values Expectations (with a ‘Should We?’ test) and key Group Policies to help us to deliver the right outcomes for all our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Our complaint handling principles apply to the Commonwealth Bank, its employees and its representatives when responding to customer complaints in Australia.

See our complaint handling principles

The Commonwealth Bank Group is committed to ensuring its policies and practices reflect the highest standard of corporate governance. The Board has adopted a comprehensive framework of corporate governance guidelines, designed to properly balance performance and compliance.

Corporate governance statement

Commonwealth Bank group has committed to a new global standard aimed at reducing tax evasion by sharing information about foreign tax residents with in Australia. This requires us to collect tax residency information from our customers.

More about customer tax information

Our Group-wide economics and trade sanctions policy acts as the basis for the development of appropriate internal procedures. We are committed to ensuring employees understand the importance of sanctions compliance.

Economic and Trade Sanctions Policy

As a CommBank account holder you may be protected by the Australian Governments guarantee of deposits. The guarantee is per account holder and has a cap of AUD$250,000 per account holder. For further information please refer to the APRA website at or call the APRA hotline on 1300 55 88 49.

Learn more about our financial claims scheme

Our fraud policy defines the Group’s fraud control principles, mandatory requirements and accountabilities. It clearly articulates that the Group does not tolerate fraud and is committed to promoting and maintaining a sound ethical culture.

Group fraud policy

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (‘CBA’) operates globally through a number of CBA offices to engage in price quoting, order taking, transaction execution and other market making and risk management activities across the wholesale fixed income, currency and commodity (‘FICC’) markets.

Institutional Banking and Markets (IB&M) is responsible for managing the Group's relationships with large corporate, government and institutional clients and provides a full range of capital raising, transactional and risk management products and services to IB&M clients.

The disclosures in this section convey the steps CBA will take in managing this process and providing positive customer outcomes.

FX Cost of Service Client  Disclosure (PDF)

FX Order Execution and Handling Client Disclosure (PDF)

Global Markets and Commodities, Trade & Carbon Sales and Trading Practices for Wholesale Markets Disclosure (PDF)

Market Soundings and Investor Roadshows Guidelines Summary

LIBOR Disclosure

Conflicts of Interest (PDF)

Capital Markets Allocation Policy Summary (PDF)

CBA FX Liquidity Provider Disclosure Cover Sheet

Statement of commitment to the FX Global Code

Financial Markets Standards Board (FMSB) Annual Statement of Commitment

Our model litigant principles set out our commitment to managing disputes and litigation with our retail and small business customers in a fair, timely and transparent way.

See our model litigant principles

Our Policy precludes the Group from making political donations. We may pay to attend events hosted by political parties with a business audience. We may be required to disclose such payments under relevant electoral laws.

Our Privacy Policy and how we protect your personal information.

See our Privacy Policy

Our remuneration principles have been designed to support a remuneration approach that aligns with our vision, values and strategy, is appropriate to changing market conditions, and seek to comply with regulatory requirements.

Remuneration Principles (PDF)

Achieving our vision requires us to build trusted and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders, which supports our long term success and sustainability.

Stakeholder Engagement Approach (PDF)

Our Supplier Code of Conduct shares the Group's principles and communicates the behaviour and business practices we expect our suppliers to adhere to - including throughout Suppliers' own supply chains. These behaviours and practices include meeting social and environmental standards, as well as satisfying governance and compliance obligations.

Supplier-Code-of-Conduct (PDF)

As one of the largest corporate taxpayers in Australia, we are committed to being a responsible corporate taxpayer and acting with the highest integrity in complying with all prevailing tax laws.

Tax transparency code (PDF)

UK Tax Strategy (PDF)

We are committed to embedding a ‘speak up’ culture. Our Group whistleblower policy and procedures prescribe that reports are treated appropriately and the employee raising the concern is protected.

More about our SpeakUP program