We’re committed to helping customers understand and reduce their environmental footprint

  • As the largest retail bank in the country, we have a responsibility to meet the current needs of our customers and the community while operating sustainably for future generations.

    We acknowledge our increasingly important and unique role in supporting our 11 million retail customers to understand their environmental footprint, reduce their emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Green Home Offer

The Green Home Offer rewards eligible customers with access to a low standard variable rate if their home meets certain sustainability and energy efficient criteria.

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Clean energy products

If you’re looking to cut down your energy bill while making your home more energy efficient there are a number of clean energy products to choose from.

Once you’ve decided on the right solution for you and your property, getting started is simple but there are a few things you should be considering as you start your clean energy journey.

CommBank Green Loan

The CommBank Green Loan is a 10-year secured fixed rate loan designed for existing, eligible home loan customers to buy and install clean energy products such as solar panels, battery packs and solar hot water systems.

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We’ve partnered with Amber – a new type of energy provider – to give you access to renewable energy at wholesale prices updated in real time. There are no lock-in contracts or exit fees – just a simple monthly subscription fee.

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We’re working with CoGo to help our customers understand and reduce their environmental footprint by providing a personalised carbon footprint based on their spending transactions. Customers will have the option to access their carbon footprint and offset their previous month’s transactions by purchasing carbon credits - available in the CommBank app soon.

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Hear from people like you

“Like a lot of people, we're spending more time at home since the beginning of the pandemic. The lights are always on and we're using more power running laptops, phone chargers, the TV and air-conditioning during the day when we would have previously been in the office. Aside from the increase in our family’s power bill, the impact on the environment was also a concern for us and we’ve wanted to get solar for a while.

"The 0.99% p.a. interest rate takes away the opportunity cost of going solar. And when you remove that initial outlay and compare repayments against the reduction in energy costs, it's a net positive cash flow with a very short payback period, well within the 10 year term. Basically, it's a no-brainer and the responsible thing to do from both an environmental and financial perspective."

Mark, West Pennant Hills, NSW

“I have a family of five, a pool and air-conditioning, so our bills are always embarrassingly high. We’ve been thinking about solar for a few years now, but the upfront costs always put me off. When I heard about the Green Loan, a 10-year fixed rate at 0.99% p.a. with no early repayment costs, I thought, 'what’s not to like?'

"In the end it was a win-win situation. It ticked a box for me, as I was looking at installing solar anyway, and we all have a role to play in addressing climate change. I’m no expert, but I do know that finite resources, by definition, eventually run out.”

Mark, Glenmore Park, NSW 

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