Here’s a brief overview of what to expect in week 1, including some tips to help you along the way. You’ll need to download the 21-Day Change Challenge pack for all the details about how to complete the challenge.

Your objective

It’s time to define your challenge statement. Involve your team and define your challenge goals concisely, so you’re ready to move forward, fast. Think about whether there’s a key business problem you’re facing or an opportunity you need some time to explore.


Write down your change challenge. A customer focused, concise question or goal. Try to begin with “How”. For example, “How can we make our customers’ shopping more enjoyable?”

Helpful methods

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Grab your team and brainstorm in a place you can concentrate.

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Allocate a set amount of time (but not too long). Concentration and inspiration don’t last long!

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Be positive. This is a chance to gain some valuable insights. Treat the meeting and each other with respect.


The customer is King

The customer is king

Or queen. Ensure they are at the heart of your challenge.

Capture the imagination

Capture the imagination

If your challenge doesn’t inspire you and your team, it’s hardly likely to inspire customers.

Be clear, be concise

Be clear, be concise

The easier your goal is to understand, the easier it will be to bring to life. Write it and rewrite it.

Business case study

Coffee chain Pablo & Rusty set their Change Challenge as “How can we make our business cashless?”. Take a look at their experience, filmed in conjunction with the SBS Small Business Program.

Your weekly challenges

Next up, focus on your customers. Identify what they want and focus on gaining key insights.

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It’s time to get creative. Think big with your ideas and then prioritise the opportunities, so you’re on your way to success.

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Stimulus leads to application, which leads directly to our Innovation Lab. Here we work with our clients to help drive innovation.

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