Welcome to the final week of your challenge. You’ll find all the details you need in your 21-Day Change Challenge pack.

You’re nearing the end of the challenge. It’s time to put aside any self-limiting beliefs and come up with a bundle of ideas based on the insights you discovered in week 2. You’ll then prioritise the ideas so you’re left with the one or two you think could really delight your customers if they were implemented.

Your ultimate goal is to have just one or two ideas you believe would be worth developing for your customers. Your Change Team should feel as if they’ve played a genuine role in creating the final ideas.

Helpful methods


Have fun! Let your creative minds run free. 


For now there are no rules and no stupid ideas. Think big with no boundaries.


Encourage the team. Great ideas sometimes sound a little strange at first, so make sure everyone knows it’s safe to sound silly. 



Inspiration can come from anywhere

Keep a pen and paper on you to write down your ideas and thoughts throughout the day.



Good ideas are difficult if you’re stressed or preoccupied. Find somewhere your team feels comfortable and start your session with some fun relaxation exercises or icebreakers.


Harvest the good ideas

It’s great to have lots of ideas, but in the end all you need is one or two good ones. Just be gentle when you critique others’ ideas.

Business case study

“The process was successful because it was about the customer. Our service opened the door for us every time. Technology was a means to an outcome. But when we partnered with third party providers, we realised they relied on their quality of service and this could be impacting our client relationships.”  Roy Mellon, Managing Director, Proactiv Payroll.

Proactiv Payroll decided to build their own custom platform, giving them more control and allowing them to benefit from the IP they had painstakingly developed.

Read more in the latest business insights report.

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Your weekly challenges

Week 1 – Define your business goal

Start by seting a business goal that inspires your team and sets out what you want for the future.

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Week 2 – Understand customers

Next up, focus on your customers. Identify what they want and focus on gaining key insights.

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Stimulus leads to application, which leads directly to our Innovation Lab. Here we work with our clients to help drive innovation.

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Latest banking solutions

A range of solutions that will help improve efficiency in your business. It’s based on a belief that banking should be simple and easy. 

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Be inspired

Global technologists, scientists and futurists deliver mind provoking talks on all walks of innovation.

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