Finding extra help for your business

1. Where to get business advice

Find the organisations and professionals who can help you with the next step. 

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2. Do you need insurance?

Make sure you're covered for emergencies and unplanned expenses. 

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When things go wrong in your business

3. Breaking up with a business partner

Tips to reduce the emotional and financial impact. 

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4. When a business idea doesn't work out

What to do when things don't go to plan. 

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5. When your business impacts your personal finances

How to get back on track after financial difficulty. 

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Coping with the unexpected in business

6. Unexpected bills and expenses

Minimise the impact of an unplanned expense. 

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7. What to do when the unexpected hits

How to cope when things go wrong without much warning. 

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8. Handling difficult business conditions

How to maintain your sales, reduce your costs and plan for the future even in a downturn. 

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Regaining your business momentum

9. Getting your business back on track

5 things you can do to help regain your momentum

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10. How to rework your business plan

Update your plan to help you work out your next steps. 

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Things to know

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