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In this edition of Retail Insights, we explore the complex influences that lead different generations of shoppers to behave in very different ways, both in-store and online. Discover how those in different generations prefer to shop, and how to engage with consumers to give them the best possible retail experience.

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Retail Insights Edition 4 is an in-depth look at innovation, growth and the links between them. Packed with case studies of Australian businesses who have used fresh thinking to create new growth opportunities, it’s a valuable reference point for any retailer seeking to kickstart their own innovation journey.

This special edition explores the state of innovation in Australian retail today. We look at who’s innovating, what they’re doing to transform their businesses, and their return on investment through both higher earnings and an enhanced competitive edge.

Retail Insights Edition 3 takes an in-depth look at the most important and complex issues facing retailers today – pricing strategy and the use of sales, discounts and promotions. Overall our findings underline the benefit of having a clear strategy around both pricing and sales.

Retail Insights Edition 2 explores the importance of customer experience across channels, and identifies the factors that help the best performing retailers create an outstanding experience. We examine two key strategy in detail – personalisation and loyalty schemes and the research shows both can be highly effective – but it also confirms only a small proportion of retailers are releasing their full potential.

Retail Insights Edition 1 examines the trends in the online and mobile retail market, and identifies that Australian retailers have made real progress in leveraging the power of online sales and digital analytics, however there is still ample scope for further innovation – and time for late adopters to get ahead of the curve.

The ‘Retail Therapy Study’ was conducted to better understand consumer experiences within Australian retail and hospitality. Our findings show that 82% of Australians are likely to spend more in a store when they feel they are a valued customer and 84% are more likely to buy from a store they feel connected to. 

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