About foreign exchange service

Foreign exchange market

  •  It is the result of international trade and capital transactions between countries
  •  It facilitates those transactions by enabling one currency to be converted into another
  •  It can be split between the spot and forward markets
  •  Activities that may require foreign exchange transactions include:
    • Exporting
    • Importing
    • Foreign currency borrowings
    • Foreign currency investments
    • Profit and interest repatriation
    • Other payments and receivables in foreign currencies

Spot and forward market

  • Spot transactions enable the purchase or sale of one currency against another
  • The spot exchange rate is agreed today for physical delivery in two business days
  • A transaction can be settled before the spot date
  • Settlement on the same day is known as value ‘tod’ or value today
  • Settlement on the next business day is known as value ‘tom’ or value tomorrow

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