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Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

SuperGear - a lending facility for SMSFs

SuperGear offers a simple and efficient pre-packaged operating structure designed to comply with superannuation and taxation law, that easily integrates with your existing SMSF. It allows you to borrow funds to help you purchase an investment property for your SMSF or to refinance an existing SIS Act compliant investment property loan.

Who is SuperGear available to?

  • A complying SMSF;
  • With at least $200,000 in Net Assets, including the proposed geared investment property (e.g. property value minus corresponding loan); and
  • Where all SMSF Members must also be in Accumulation not Pension Phase when the SuperGear loan commences.


What are the principal SuperGear funding criteria?
Minimum Fund Size
  • Net Assets: $200,000
Minimum Loan Amount
  • $200,000
Maximum Loan Term
  • Residential: 30 years
  • Rural: 15 years
  • Commercial: 15 years
Maximum Loan to Valuation Ratio
  • Residential: 80%
  • Rural: 60%
  • Commercial: 65%
Interest Cover Threshold
  • 125%


What are the principal benefits of investing using SuperGear?
A Simple and Integrated Solution SuperGear offers a simple and integrated financing solution through which a SMSF Trustee can select and acquire a beneficial interest in real investment property partly funded by a limited recourse loan.
Extensive Real Property Investment Options The ability to purchase one or more real property assets including any Residential, Rural or Commercial investment property located within Australia which your SMSF is otherwise permitted to acquire under superannuation law.
Attractive Lending Terms Highly competitive lending rates, loan-to-valuation ratios and extensive lending periods are available giving you a greater opportunity to own and hold the investment property in your SMSF at the end of the loan term.
A Compliant Legal and Tax Structure SuperGear’s compliance with the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cwlth) and Regulations (SIS Act) and the applicable Australian taxation acts has been confirmed to the Commonwealth Bank by independent legal and taxation opinions.
Opportunity to Acquire Better Quality Assets through Gearing The capacity to borrow funds to help acquire investment property for your SMSF gives you the opportunity to purchase higher value and better quality property of your choice, with the potential to derive greater ongoing investment returns.
Opportunity to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio Gives you the opportunity to acquire relatively more expensive real property assets to help balance and extend a more traditional SMSF investment portfolio – for example, cash, fixed income and ASX listed shares.
Opportunity to Accelerate Your Wealth Gives you the opportunity to borrow funds to purchase more valuable investment assets and own them faster and more cost effectively for your SMSF by using the relative taxation and interest savings available to your complying SMSF to pay down the loan and build equity in the asset faster – enabling you to accelerate your wealth and achieve your investment goals sooner.


For more information about SuperGear

Download the Product Information Booklet or Investor flyer, or call 13 1998 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you are already a Commonwealth Bank customer, please contact your Relationship Manager or Private Banker.


  • Important Notes and Disclaimer
    View the latest and most up to date version of the Product Information Booklet (PIB). The SuperGear lending facility is not a financial product as defined and described within Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cwlth). Also, the information contained here does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation and needs of any particular individual or self managed superannuation fund. Because of that, you should assess with the help of legal, financial and taxation advice, whether the information is appropriate in light of your own circumstances before acting on it. Information on taxation is based on current laws and their interpretation. Only investors who fully understand the risks associated with gearing into investments should apply. All applications for the SuperGear lending facility are subject to the Commonwealth Bank’s credit approval process. Fees and charges apply.

    The offer or invitation to commence a SuperGear lending facility is only available to persons receiving the PIB (whether in paper or electronic form) within Australia, who are Australian residents and who provide an Australian address for service when making their application to commence a SuperGear lending facility. SuperGear applications which do not specify an Australian address for service or which are accompanied by payment drawn from a foreign bank account may be rejected and returned.

    The PIB itself is not an offer or invitation in relation to a loan. Applications for a SuperGear lending facility can be made to the Commonwealth Bank and may be accepted or rejected by the Commonwealth Bank in its absolute discretion.

    You should read the PIB in full before deciding whether to use the arrangements offered by SuperGear to invest in real property having regard to amongst other things investment objectives and financial circumstances, and the merits and risks involved in the investment. You should seek your own professional advice in assessing the appropriateness of using the arrangements offered by SuperGear to invest in real property. Applications for finance are subject to the Commonwealth Bank’s normal credit approval. Full terms and conditions are included in the Loan offer. Bank fees and government charges may apply. If you have a complaint, the Bank’s dispute resolution process can be accessed on 13 2221.