About Merchant Choice Routing

More choice for your business

  • Merchant Choice Routing (MCR) is a feature that lets businesses choose which network their contactless debit card transactions are processed through
  • Businesses now have the option to process their payments through the eftpos network instead of through the credit network (e.g. Visa or Mastercard)
  • This may reduce the cost of merchant service fees depending on your business as different networks charge different fees

How it works

A CommBank MCR solution gives you three options:

  1. Continue to process all Mastercard debit and Visa debit card transactions through the Visa and Mastercard networks
  2. Process all contactless Mastercard debit or Visa debit card transactions through the eftpos network
  3. Process lower value transactions through one network (Mastercard/Visa or eftpos) and higher value transactions through the other network - potentially taking advantage of any cost differences

Is your business eligible?

MCR is available to CommBank customers with an Interchange Plus pricing plan and an Essential Lite or Essential Plus device.

If your business has a Simple Merchant Plan you already pay a fixed monthly fee for your terminal and included transactions, regardless of network and card type. This means MCR won't be relevant for you. 

How to apply

1. Confirm that MCR is right for you

  • Review your pricing plan and recent transactions to ensure that MCR is right for you.
  • Check your annual statement (issued in July) for a long-term view of your business activity over a 12 month period.

2. Choose your MCR option

You can choose different MCR options for MasterCard debit and Visa debit cards.

Available options are:

  • Process all contactless debit card transactions through Visa or Mastercard.
  • Process all contactless debit card transactions through eftpos.
  • Process all contactless debit card transactions, up to and including your chosen transaction limit, through a primary network (either eftpos or Visa/Mastercard) and transactions above the limit through the secondary network (either eftpos or Visa/Mastercard).

3. Give us a call

Contact the Merchant Support Team on 1800 230 177 at any time to enable MCR.

We're here to help

 Give us a call if you need help understanding your current pricing plan or for more information on MCR.

Call 1800 230 177

Things you should know

This information has been prepared without taking into account your individual and business objectives or needs You should read and consider the Merchant Agreement including relevant Merchant Choice Routing terms and conditions, which govern the use and operation of your merchant facility before making a decision.