Benefits of a cash flow solution

Smooth money management

Tap into extra funds when you need them to keep your business running smoothly.

Accelerate growth

Access funds quickly to seize opportunities that help grow your business.

Manage seasonal cash flow

Manage variations in cash flow caused by seasonal demand or infrequent payments.

No fixed repayments

Repay us when customers pay you and money enters your linked transaction account.

Keep your cash flowing

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Business Overdraft

Manage cash flow fluctuations and cover unexpected expenses.
  • Flexible line of credit
  • Suitable for cash flow shortfalls
  • Only pay interest on what you use
  • Unsecured overdraft available, up to $250,000

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Stream Working Capital

Access cash tied up in unpaid invoices.1
  • Ideal for businesses issuing invoices in arrears
  • Connect to eligible cloud-based accounting software2
  • Borrow without using property as security

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The cash flow conversion cycle (CCC)

Personal finance expert Jess Irvine shares her cash flow tips to keep your business moving.

The cash flow conversion cycle (CCC)

Personal finance expert Jess Irvine shares her cash flow tips to keep your business moving.

Helpful guides to manage your cash flow

Master your cash flow management

Take control of your business cash flow with the cash conversion cycle.

How to forecast your business cash flow

If you want to know how to manage cash flow in business, preparing a cash flow forecast is a good first step.

Other resources

  • Business cash flow

    Tap business cash flow3 in the CommBank app for a quick-and-easy look at your combined money in and money out.

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  • Daily IQ

    Get business insights to help you optimise cash flow, enhance performance and grow customers.4

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Understanding cash flow

Cash flow is the money moving in and out of your business from day-to-day operations. Sound cash flow management is vital to helping your business run smoothly. Healthy cash flow means you can access funds that allow your business to operate.

With a loan, you’re given the amount in a lump sum and charged interest on the whole amount. You then pay off the loan over time. Loans are generally for when you need to make a purchase upfront and in full.

A cash flow solution (e.g. a Business Overdraft or Stream Working Capital) is linked to your transaction account and allows you to access additional funds when your account balance reaches zero. You only pay interest when you use the money, and only on the amount you use. Cash flow solutions are a way of making sure money is there if you need it. For example, to manage unexpected expenses.

Things you should know

  • As this information has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on this information, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. View our current Terms and Conditions for Business FinanceStream Working CapitalElectronic BankingBusiness Savings and Transaction AccountsCommBizFinancial Services Guide and the Target Market Determination and consider them before making any decision about these products. Fees, charges and Terms & Conditions apply.

    Applications for finance are subject to the Bank’s eligibility and suitability criteria and normal credit approval processes. The minimum value of nominated invoices is $15,000 per month. The minimum value of nominated invoices is $15,000 per month. A minimum facility limit applies to Stream Working Capital: $50,000 or more for customers using an eligible accounting software; $1.5 million or more for customers using other accounting software. Eligible accounting software include Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks. We will require your consent to access your accounting software or information to assess your application and manage your account going forward. Full terms and conditions, interest rate, establishment fee and line fee are included in the Loan Offer, you should consider these before making any decisions about these products. Bank fees and charges may apply.

    Eligible accounting software include Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks. Other accounting software platforms are subject to approval, and will require CSV files to be uploaded into Stream Working Capital. 

    Business cash flow is a tool for general information only and should not be solely relied on to make business, accounting, financial, tax decisions or to reconcile your accounts. While we try to present accurate information, we can’t guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. Your preferences regarding transactions and accounts will be handled in accordance with our Group Privacy Statement.

    Daily IQ has been prepared as a research tool for general informational purposes only and should not be relied on to make business decisions or for account reconciliation. The information may be incomplete or not up to date and may contain errors and omissions. Any projections and forecasts are based on a number of assumptions and estimates, including future events and contingencies, which may be inaccurate.