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4 jobs you didn’t know existed at a bank

4 jobs you didn’t know existed in a bank

Ever thought about working at a bank but think your architecture degree couldn’t land you the role?

We caught up with four of our people who told us how their different backgrounds led them to working at CommBank.

Michelle Watson, Manager Pro Bono Services

"I love being the connector between our people and the community. Our people are able to realise their own capabilities and skills and how much of an impact this has on other people. It also gives community organisations an awareness that we are much broader than just financial services.

Freelancing as a cartoonist, to being a volunteer, then joining the Pro Bono team at CommBank, was a career path I’d never even thought possible.”

Brendan Thomas, General Manager Workplace 2020

I’m a builder at a bank. Who would have thought those two words could come together? Working on our South Eveleigh project, I was able to do everything from design and construction, to digital workplace engagements, to community engagement initiatives.

You have the support to work flexibly when it comes to prioritising family and still have the opportunity to work with a high performing team doing amazing, unique things that you wouldn’t traditionally associate with a bank.”

Denita Bigwood, Senior Manager Foundation and Fundraising

“I’ve been at the bank for 12 years and have had five different roles. That’s the beauty of a big organisation. You have access to different opportunities to develop a whole new career without the massive leap of moving to another organisation – as well as the opportunities to learn a variety of different skills.

I’ve always had a natural alignment with fundraising and helping people. For me though, it wasn’t only our community organisations, like Clown Doctors and Tour De Cure, it was getting our people excited about helping the community with different fundraisers. Our people are so generous and willing to help, that just increases my passion every day."

Frere Byrne, Innovation Manager Blockchain Strategy and Operations

“You don’t always think about innovation and technology roles being associated with a bank but these roles can evolve in so many directions. Potential pathways include digital strategy roles, software development, and management positions in the businesses we create. It involves being able to identify and build products that apply emerging technology to real world business problems. No project is too big or small, and we work to deliver solutions that benefit all our customers.

The diversity of opportunity is endless! Since my time here I have worked as a Chief of Staff, a derivatives dealer, a divisional COO, and most recently in CommBank’s Innovation Labs. The opportunities here offer such a wide set of experiences.”

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