Easily switch your CommBank credit card

  • Take advantage of the wide range of features and benefits CommBank credit cards have to offer and get the card that's right for you. You can switch your existing card to one of our Low Rate, Low Fee or Awards credit cards.

    When switching, you won’t be eligible for offers advertised to new customers. CommBank Neo customers are also unable to switch their card.

Check your eligibility

  • You're eligible to switch your credit card if:

    • You currently hold an eligible Commonwealth Bank issued credit card
    • You're the primary cardholder
    • Your current credit limit meets the minimum limit requirements of the card you want to switch to
    • You're an Australian resident or have an Australian address
    • Your account is in order

How to switch your Mastercard credit card

  • If you have a valid NetBank ID, the easiest way to switch is via our digital Switch tool.
    1. Use our Credit Card Comparison Tool to find the card that’s right for you.
    2. Select switch card and log on to NetBank OR search for ‘switch your credit card’ in the CommBank app
    3. Choose the existing card you'd like to switch from
    4. Review your new card information and mailing address
    5. Review the important things to know (including the T&Cs of your new card), and confirm your switch
    6. That’s it! You can keep using your existing card, until your new card arrives (within 7 business days). Once it arrives, you’ll need to activate your new card/s in NetBank or the CommBank app.

    If you don’t have a valid NetBank ID or are a Visa cardholder, you can contact us or visit your nearest branch to submit your request to switch. 

    And remember, if you’re an existing CommBank Awards credit cardholder, you won’t be eligible for any Bonus Awards Points or Qantas Points offers.

    Switch your card

Card switch not approved?

  • We may not be able to process your request to switch cards because:

    • Your current credit limit doesn't meet the limit of the card you wanted to switch to. Manage your limit
    • Your address isn't in Australia or you're not an Australian citizen
    • You've spent over your credit limit
    • Your account is in arrears or your balance is overdue
    • You've already started a request to switch cards