Easily switch your CommBank credit cards

Take advantage of the wide range of features and benefits CommBank credit cards have to offer and get the card that's right for you. You can switch between our low rate, low fee and Awards credit cards.

In most instances you will receive a new credit card and a new credit card number, so we compile a list of your regular payments and our online switching service can help you switch regular direct debit payments to your new credit card account.

Check your eligibility

You're eligible to switch your credit card if:

  • You currently hold a Commonwealth Bank issued credit card
  • You're the primary cardholder
  • Your current credit limit matches the limit of the card you want to switch to
  • You're an Australian resident or have an Australian address
  • Your account is in order

Switching to Ultimate online is only available for existing CommBank Awards cards holders. If you’re a non-Awards customer looking to switch you can contact us on 13 2221, 7am – 9pm Sydney/Melbourne time, 7 days a week

How to switch to an Ultimate Awards card online

Switch to the new Ultimate Awards card quickly and easily online.

  1. Select Switch card
  2. Log on to NetBank and choose the existing card you'd like to switch from
  3. Review your new card information and mailing address
  4. Review the important things to know and confirm your switch
  5. We'll then process your application and notify you when your switch is successful
  6. Once approved your new credit card, with new card number, should arrive within 7-10 business days. You can keep using your current card until your new one arrives

The online feature is only available for existing eligible CommBank Awards credit cards holders.

Switch card

How to switch to another low fee, low rate or Awards card

  1. Compare credit cards
  2. Call 13 2221, 7am – 9pm Sydney/Melbourne time, 7 days a week, or
  3. Visit any branch to complete your request form and have your form signed by a bank official to confirm your identity, before handing in or mailing (no stamp required) to:
    CBA Credit Cards
    Reply Paid 72551
    Parramatta NSW 2124

Card switch not approved?

We may not be able to process your request to switch cards because:

  • Your current credit limit doesn't meet the limit of the card you wanted to switch to. Manage your limit
  • Your address isn't in Australia or you're not an Australian citizen
  • You've spent over your credit limit
  • Your account is in arrears or your balance is overdue
  • You're trying to switch to Ultimate Awards from a low rate or low fee card using the NetBank form
  • You've already started a request to switch cards

If you’re having problems switching your cards, try again a little later or call us on 13 2221, 7am – 9pm Sydney/Melbourne time, 7 days a week.

What happens next?

  1. Once your request is approved, we'll send you a confirmation letter and your card (including any additional card holders) within 10 working days. Your new card will have a new card number. 
  2. Once you've activated your new cards, your old credit card account will be closed.
  3. Direct debits and regular payments will not be automatically transferred over to your new card – you will need to do this. See your regular payments. You can still view your past statements for your old account in NetBank: Where can I find past statements?
  4. Our online switching service can help you switch regular direct debit payments to your new credit card account.